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Explore the Door–Day 2

August 28, 2013

We woke early the following day and headed to Door County Coffee and Tea Company ( in Sturgeon Bay—or close to Sturgeon Bay. Door County Coffee and Tea Company is located on the left side of Highway 42 when you’re heading north. And if you don’t know it’s there, you may drive past it—like we did the first few times we visited Door County.

As you walk through the doorway, the first thing you will encounter are all the delicious aromas of freshly roasted coffee, freshly brewed coffee, freshly made pastries, cookies and muffins. The store is divided into retail—coffee beans and tea, the other area serves as the coffee shop where one can order breakfast—or purchase pastries to take on the road—if you’re in a hurry. We recommend you linger awhile, sit back, order breakfast and enjoy the smells. One of our favorites is the baked egg dishes. The recipes are from a local church cookbook and are reminiscent of the egg dishes our grandmothers used to make. I ordered the Baked egg with Cheese and Veggies and Mike ordered the Strata and an order of hash browns to share. The food arrived at our table hot and delicious.

We ate our breakfast slowly and planned our day. While we were discussing our next adventure we met with Vicki Wilson the President and Founder of Door County Coffee and Tea Company. She took us on a brief tour of the roasting facility and told us about how she goes about choosing coffee beans and how they’re roasted. She introduced us to Lou Ann Deprez the roastmaster and when I asked Lou Ann if one should keep coffee in the freezer to maintain its freshness, she told me that the best way to have fresh coffee is to buy only enough for one week. Drink it all, then buy some more.

During breakfast we decided that our next Door County adventure would be was trail biking through Newport State Park ( Newport Park is located northeast of Ellison Bay off of highway 42.We rented trail bikes from Nor Door Sports & Cyclery in Fish Creek ( where owner Brian “Stretch” Merkel outfitted us with two lovely trail bikes. We drove to Newport State Park which is one of Wisconsin’s most pristine parks. Development of the forest has been kept to a minimum and one will only find beauty, peace and nature in the park. There are more than 30 miles of hiking trails, some of which are shared by bikes. The trails are marked—sort of—and it is advised that bikers do not ride on those trails marked for hikers only

Biking Trail Markers in Newport State Park

Biking Trail Markers in Newport State Park


Trail biking is different than other types of biking. The trail was rugged, strewn with large tree roots, or sand. Mike and I are accustomed to biking on the trails in and around Madison where the land is relatively flat and smooth. Not so in Newport Park where we found the trails more challenging and hilly. We also found the scenery to be breathtaking. We stopped along the way to enjoy some beautiful views of Lake Michigan and to get our bearings.

Lake Michigan along the bike trail at Newport State Park

Lake Michigan along the bike trail at Newport State Park

We rode the bikes for about an hour and reluctantly decided it was time to head back. Other obligations were beckoning. Sadly, the brief trip to Door County ended all too soon. We have many other stories to tell…but these will have to do for now.

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